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Many people have always had an idea of what their perfect "dream home" would
look like, down to the bricks and mortar.  Others have a vague notion of what their dream home might look like, but still aspire to find that one special place that will fulfill their wildest home ownership dreams.  What am
getting at?  It's not impossible to find your "dream home",  but it is much easier to do
it if you take the simple step of determining what exactly it is you are looking for.  Let's look at some of the factors you should take into account when shopping for your dream home.


When many people think of dream homes, they think of something BIG.  But take a step back and think if size is really that important to you.  When you go big, you are certainly going to add significantly to the price point, and you may have to trade size for location and walkability.  Speaking of...


We mentioned walkability in our last post when we posed the question "what makes a great neighborhood?"  Walkability means that you can easily walk to local businesses, parks, entertainment, etc.  For instance, a house for sale near downtown Mississauga
will have a much higher walkability score than a home in the country.   So you might end up trading size (and acreage) for something more walkable.  But consider this factor carefully- many people who move into more walkable areas feel great about the decision, especially if they have already raised a family and don't need extra space.


Now it's time to make a list of the features you want in a house.  Your dream house will probably look different from my dream house, so make sure not to skip this step.  Maybe you want an older Victorian with the big clawfoot tub you've always envisioned.  Maybe you want a new condo with stainless steel appliances.  Maybe you want a big field for a back yard so you can put all the rusty cars you've been collecting for all these years.  You might be surprised what you are REALLY looking for once you take the time to think about it.  Here's a list of some of the features you should think about when shopping for that dream home:

Do you like a certain style of architecture?
Is there a certain school district or neighborhood you like?
Do you want a big yard? Garage?
Do you or a family member require special access (handicapped or disabled?)
Do you want two stories? One story? A big finished basement?
Are you willing to do some renovations or do you want something brand spanking new?
How many bathrooms and bedrooms do you want?
And so on and so forth!  Make your list as comprehensive as you can, and then get out there and start looking.  And if you happen to be shopping for real estate in Mississauga
, Brampton, Oakville, Or GTA Toronto, give me a call or fill up this form.

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